Top Message

Akira Matsumoto/Chairman of the Board and CEO Calbee, Inc. Shuji Ito/President and COO Calbee, Inc.

Ever since Calbee was founded, our corporate policy has been "We are committed to harnessing nature's gifts, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to healthy lifestyles" and we have provided products and services with an insistence on quality. For example, in our potato chips business, we ensure meticulous quality control throughout the entire process, from the breeding and cultivation of the potatoes used to make potato chips, to procurement, manufacturing and retail, so that we can provide our customers with products they can trust.
We have also made a number of innovations, which include developing unique products to create new markets and constructing a thorough quality control system with features such as the industry's first ever manufacturing date labeling. Rather than simply unilaterally disseminating information, we have also set up a system to grasp new customer needs and values, recognize the invaluable opinions and requests we receive from our customers as our business challenges, and incorporate the opinions and requests into our corporate activities.

We will continue to develop these initiatives and aim for sustainable growth and a high profit structure, basing our management on the twin pillars of innovation and cost reduction. Our employees are carrying out various reforms by boosting "their ability to get things done autonomously", understanding their own roles and responsibilities, and having a sense of ownership to deal proactively with their tasks. Our innovations to create business chances(growth strategies) are as follow:
(1) Expand Overseas Business (2) Improve Frugra Business (3) Boost New Product Development (4) Expand Domestic Market Share (5) Strengthen Alliance with PepsiCo, Inc. (6) Pursue Licensing and Acquisition Opportunities (7) Develop New Businesses.

Under the change into global food company banner of our corporate message, "Harvest the Power of Nature", we willcontinue to innovate toward our vision of "We must earn respect, admiration and love firstly of our customers, suppliers and distributors, secondly of our employees and their families, thirdly of the communities, and finally of our stockholders."

The Twin Pillars of Calbee's Approach